Thank You


Where would Flying Hope and its team of pilots be without the great support from all parts of society?

Above all, where would be the many children with life-limiting illnesses that we would not be able to fly without this support.

This is exactly why we have set up this Thank You page, so that you too may join us in expressing our gratitude to all our friends and supporters.

Your team of Flying Hope e.V.

AERO Friedrichshafen 2024

The AERO trade fair is over and all we can do is say a big thank you to the numerous visitors and interested parties at our trade fair stand.
We were able to gain new members, many pilots introduced themselves and we were also very moved by spontaneous actions.
A small child donates money at our stand at AERO and a “birthday child” spontaneously calls for donations for Flying Hope on her 50th birthday.
A great commitment for the benefit of sick children. We are very happy to have support from all sides for our flights with seriously ill children.
Thank you very much!
Dr. Michael Offermann
Chairman of the Board of Flying Hope e.V.
Spende kleines Kind

Hotel Wilder Mann Meersburg

Unbelievable but true: The boss of the fantastically beautiful hotel, Wilder Mann in Meersburg, has already waived the bill for the Flying Hope team during the AERO in 2023. Wow, wow, wow. How nice!
As a thank you, we will be able to offer a few children, which he would be happy to organize, a sightseeing flight over the lake from Friedrichshafen.
Thank you very much!
Your team from Flying Hope e.V.
Foto Hotel Wilder Mann

Dear followers

Thanks to numerous donations, we still have capacity available for additional child transport flights.
Therefore our request: If you make a children’s hospice, a children’s clinic, an outpatient children’s hospice service or a parents’ initiative in your area aware of our work for the benefit of sick children and of our homepage, and thereby give one or two children the opportunity If you receive the opportunity to be flown by Flying Hope, this is excellent support for our voluntary work.
Your team from Flying Hope e.V.
28.09.23 HIn und Rückflug Amelie Pilot Wewers

Its's for Kids

“Helping the weakest means strengthening society” (Rainer Koch, founder of the It’s for Kids Foundation).
At the beginning of the new year, we are once again lucky to have received a donation of €5,000 from It’s for Kids. This is excellent support for our work for the benefit of sick children and we would like to thank you very much on behalf of the children for this appreciation.
Your team from Flying Hope e.V.


20.01.24 Mia im Flieger

Great thank you

“Incredible, but true: Not only did we get a super fast approach to the 25 left in absolutely bad weather, the Fraport employees were also really nice, helpful and enthusiastic about Flying Hope, so we didn’t have to pay any fees there . The same applied to the controllers, whether ground or tower. An immediate takeoff clearance in front of a 747 that had to wait for Flying Hope.”
Pilot Dr. Michael Offermann / Pilot Dr. Gerrit Arlt on her flight on January 20th, 2024 with little Mia.
Thank you very much for this kind of incredible support from Flying Hope.


20.01.24 Piper Flughafen Essen Schnee

Book project donates to Flying Hope

In the book “Agile Missions Impossible” 57 authors have compiled their experiences from their everyday agile work.
As with the first volume of the book series “Agile Short Stories”, all profits from the book project go directly to Flying Hope. The editors are Miriam Sasse and Joachim Pfeffer. Joachim is an active pilot with Flying Hope. Both books are available as an eBook or print edition wherever books are sold.
Flying Hope is very pleased about this support and hopes for numerous sales of “Agile Short Stories Part 2” to benefit our volunteer pilot network. Thank you very much!
Your team from Flying Hope e.V.
Miriam und AMI

Many thanks to all supporters

Your donation, your membership and your personal commitment have helped us to be able to offer valuable help by air transport to children with life-limiting illnesses with over 100 flights this year. A big thank you also to our Flying Hope pilots, without whom this work would not be possible.
There have already been more inquiries for the new year, so we can continue to help the children with the great support of the pilots.
Please remain supportive of our work and let us work together for the benefit of sick children.
We remain with the best wishes for 2024
Your team from Flying Hope e.V.

Laco Uhrenmanufaktur supports Flying Hope

Watches of the highest quality – and have been doing so since 1925 – have been manufactured by Laco Uhrenmanufaktur GmbH from Pforzheim. We were pleased to receive a generous donation in 2022 and the Laco team is donating to Flying Hope again this year. And not only does the financial support reach us, but the very pretty Laco teddy bears with the Flying Hope logo are also donated by the watch manufacturer. The sick children are very happy every time they receive such a bear on their flights.
Many thanks to the entire Laco team for this outstanding commitment.
Your team from Flying Hope e.V.


AERO Teddy Firma Laco

Telgte Airport bakes 100 Christmas stollen

It’s unbelievable what there is.
After we recently received 500 crocheted airplanes that families and children love, we thought, WOW WOW WOW, that this kind of support couldn’t get any more “unusual.” Now we find out from Ms. Dahlhaus that they baked 100 Christmas stollen with many helpers at the Münster Telge sports airfield (EDLT) and donated 900 euros from the sale to Flying Hope.
My goodness, how great things are going in our society despite everything, and how many people come up with everything possible to support Flying Hope in its efforts to help seriously ill children.
Thank you very much and similar wishes for the coming holidays
Your team from Flying Hope e.V.
Stollenverkauf 2o23 Frau Dahlhaus Telgte

Trainees collect deposit bottles

With an innovative donation project in which the airport’s trainees collected deposit bottles from passengers, Rostock-Laage Airport was able to donate €400 to Flying Hope.
Many thanks to the trainees and the management of Rostock-Laage Airport for this great idea and commitment.
Not only this donation, but also the waiver of fees for our flights to Rostock-Laage supports the work of our association very effectively.
We are very happy about it! Your team from Flying Hope e.V.


04.10.23 Rückflug Jannis Spindler Pilot Kraus

Excerpt from the book “Keep in touch with Tobi”. Friday, May 10, 2013

Grandpa Peter then took us to the airport in Mülheim, where Mr. Endriss from Flying Hope was already waiting with his plane to fly Tobi, Niko and me to Munich/Oberpfaffenhofen. …The plane, a Cirrus with only four seats, seemed a bit frightening to me at first, but once in the air it worked. It took us almost 2 hours to get to Oberpfaffenhofen, Niko pestered the pilot to do little stunts, and he actually got some wild curve flying, what felt like a 45 degree incline, I thought I was going to fly out… Had a really tingly feeling in my stomach and the boys had a lot of fun doing it .
Kerstin Klein was born in the Ruhr area in 1969 and works as a medical technologist in the field of microbiology. She is married and has two sons, the elder of whom was diagnosed with leukemia in 2009 and died in 2013. To inform family and friends about the progress of her treatment, she wrote a private blog.
Although there was no longer any chance of recovery for Tobi, she courageously continued to write. Even after Tobi’s death, she lets readers share her pain and sadness, but also describes the path to a happy, fulfilled life again – always with Tobias in her heart.
With the publication of her first book, she is fulfilling a dream and promoting “writing from the soul” in crisis situations. The book is now available to order from Thalia and Osis Verlag, among others.
Flying Hope Pilot Dr. Axel Endriss and we in the office remember Tobi very well, his courage and his kindness.
Your team from Flying Hope e.V.
Tobias im Cockpit Dr. Endriss

Small planes for Flying Hope

Kerstin Fischer (l.) from Bad Düben and her friend Silke Reichel (r.) had a great idea to support the work of Flying Hope. They contacted us via Facebook and offered to look after their little ones for the sick children Making “lucky worms”. A nice idea, we thought, which we then added by asking us to make small crocheted airplanes. These pretty gifts are guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of sick children.
Almost 500 little airplanes and lucky worms have now been crocheted! A great commitment and a nice idea for the benefit of sick children.
Your team from Flying Hope e.V.



Donation from the Webasto Group

At the suggestion of its employees, the Webasto Group from Neubrandenburg has dedicated the donation amount from this year’s 2023 Christmas fundraising campaign to our Flying Hope association.
A donation amount of €1,000 was raised and the Webasto Foundation increased this employee donation by a further €1,000.
We are very pleased about this wonderful commitment.
Pilot Dr. Yesterday Thorsten Wewers was able to receive the donation check for Flying Hope at Trollenhagen Airport from Dr. Andreas Dikow, Vice President Operation, welcomes us.
This is excellent support for our work for the benefit of sick children!
Many thanks and best regards
Your team from Flying Hope e.V.


Mega, which is great: that people of all ages and genders get together to sing together in large groups – the police choirs. And how great and what beautiful titles they presented on Friday evening under the title “Millionen Lights” in Düsseldorf under the overall direction of Stefan Scheidtweiler! As a result, the atmosphere in the audience was unbelievable.

But that they also dedicated this event to Flying Hope, with detailed explanations both in the event folder and during the concert, and also announced a donation: thank you thank you thank you. Not only we, but also the children who benefit from them will be more than grateful to them.

Your Flying Hope e.V. team


Dr. Helmut Röth

In April 2023 Dr. Helmut Röth, Mettmann, private pilot and very much connected to flying all his life, passed away.

We are very pleased that on the occasion of the funeral service for Dr. Röth donations for Flying Hope e.V. were requested.

With a donation of 2.000 € we can now finance the next flight of a sick child e.g. to a hospital stay.

Many thanks in the name of the children for this valuable support.

Your team of Flying Hope e.V.

15.10.2022 Rückflug Frederik


Many thanks to the organizers of the AERO, who invited us again and provided us with a booth free of charge.

How great, when you consider that our level of awareness – especially among pilots – increases every year as desired.

And also in this context, many thanks for the interview and for the communication on the part of FliegerMagazin. The podcast of the joint interview of several non-profit associations, all of which are involved with flights for the benefit of parts of the most diverse societies, can be followed here at any time.

Your team of Flying Hope e.V.

04.06.23 Piper PA 46


The Municipal Community Primary School Meigen in Solingen organized a sponsored run this school year with great success.

From the handsome donation sum, not only a nice circus project was supported, but also a great donation of 2.000 € was given to Flying Hope.

We were allowed to receive the donation check personally.

Many thanks to Mrs. Petra Ehrenfeld, principal, for this great engagement and of course a special thank you to the students of the elementary school Meigen and the teachers, who also supported the project.

Your team of Flying Hope e.V.

Grundschule Solingen Spendenscheck 2023

Donation Theo Steil GmbH

Many thanks to the management and employees of the Steil Group from Trier for a generous donation of €7,500.

With this sum we can finance the refueling of further flights with sick children.

The Steil Group is an innovative recycling company group with a focus on recycling, disposal and logistics. The family business, founded in 1924, employs around 700 people at home and abroad and has been making a significant contribution to environmental and resource protection for almost a century now.

The Steil Group, headquartered in Trier, has 15 branches in Germany and neighboring European countries.

Thank you very much from the team at Flying Hope e.V.

03.06.2022 Mailine Ankunft Rolli


Once again the Bavarians have brought forth one (or even two) new heroes: at least the tower controller in Augsburg and the watch chief in Munich – this refers to our flight with little Korbinian on April 1, 2023 from Augsburg to Cologne/Bonn to the clinic .

Our pilot Klaus Wybranietz and co-pilot Marc Ulm get a slot – they can set off with the sick child at 11:30 a.m. local time. After the Flying Hope “guests” have boarded and all the accessories have been loaded – which was really difficult, e.g. loading and assembling the heavy buggy and the heavy child seat – all guests are seated, strapped in, briefed and have headsets on.

Because the pilots want to request the turbine start at 11:30! But 10 seconds before, a text message arrives from the new Munich computer saying that they have to wait until 3:05 p.m. – new slot 3:05 p.m.! (no joke and no joke)

The tower controller in Augsburg immediately picks up the phone, informs the watch chief in Munich and as a result the machine can start immediately!

“You are free to take off at your filed departure time”

Many thanks to these two – our Flying Hope heroes that day – for the great support.

Your team from Flying Hope e.V.

01.04.2023 Korbinian Ankunft

Flight to Piestany Slovakia

Piestany on March 19th

For the first time “in their live”,  the team of the airport of Piestany had to expect an incoming Flying Hope flight with a severely ill child, this on Sunday, a day when the airport normally is closed. Without any hesitation they opened the airport and only charged us a small part of the normal fee, did not ask for landing fees and offered us cheap JetA1.

How great!! Thank you so much for your support. 

The family – and Flying Hope ♥ you.

19.03.23 Flug Phil nach Piestany

Thank you very much

to my practice team, who not only prepared a donation check for my birthday, but also promised to carry their boss into the machine if necessary :)))

If that’s not a great offer…

Dr. Michael Offerman



This year we can once again say a big thank you to our over 250 Flying Hope members.

We are very pleased that you have been supporting our work effectively and consistently for many years through your active membership and, in some cases, annual donations. This is funding that goes directly to the children affected and – even in increasingly expensive times – guarantees that we can make everyday life a little easier for sick children and families with a quick flight.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loyalty and trust in investing in our work.

Your team from Flying Hope e.V.

27.10.22 Rückflug Romy Pilot Lunau

Donation from Hitachi Solutions

Some employees of Hitachi Solutions Germany GmbH, Nuremberg, were so enthusiastic about the work of our pilot network that they organized an employee donation.

Today we received this generous donation of €1,600! We will use this sum to transport little Benjamin by air from Essen to Hamburg for a hospital stay in February.

Thank you very much for this great commitment on behalf of the children!

We hope that this great idea will find many imitators.

Your team from Flying Hope e.V.

Spende Hitachi Solutions 1.600

Donation "Postler für Dich"

The association of postal employees “Postler für Dich e.V.” has once again given a donation to our association Flying Hope during their Christmas miracle fundraiser.

Thank you very much for the excellent donation of €2,463 that we received this week.

We are very grateful for this wonderful support and would like to thank all donors.

Your Flying Hope team

Logo Spende Postler für Dich

Thank you for your donation!

At the end of the year we received numerous donations.

Many thanks to all friends and supporters of Flying Hope e.V.

With your donation we will be able to make many flights possible again next year for children with life-limiting illnesses.

We look forward to every flight request in the new year.

Please continue to support our nonprofit pilot network.

Thank you very much on behalf of the children.

Your Flying Hope team

11.07.21 Marlene und Johannes Dankeschön Kopie

Donation DFS German air traffic control

That can not be true 🙂

The DFS supported us in our efforts to obtain our own ID/identification from the ICAO,

the DFS stands up for us when it comes to avoiding slots,

DFS understands us very well when we don’t understand why we have to pay approach fees even though all seats let us land for free, and

To make matters worse, DFS Flying Hope is donating €1,500 to the Mönchengladbach Airport tower before Christmas.

How are we supposed to be able to thank you for that? Probably just with even more flights to give even more children the chance to benefit from our offer.

Thank you very much!

Your Flying Hope Team

DFS 2022 Übergabe Spendenscheck

Tooth/old gold donations for Flying Hope

Many thanks to the dental practice of Dr. Großkopf from Bonn, who once again collected a great donation of €5,000 for Flying Hope this November.

The tooth/old gold donations from Dr. Großkopf made this excellent donation possible.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of the sick children and please continue to support the work of Flying Hope.

07.10.2022 Rückflug Benjamin Foto für Zeitung

Thank you GAT Airports

Dear general aviation teams from all airports in Germany and Austria, thank you very much for your recurring “super support”.

This thank you comes not only from us, but primarily from the children for whom we continue to work together.

Here’s to continued great collaboration in 2023.

Your Flying Hope Team


Donation Rotarian Essen Mülheim

We would like to say a big thank you to the Rotarian Club Essen Mülheim. With your donation you support the flight of little Felix last Sunday from Essen Mülheim to a clinic in Graz. Refueling the aircraft is expensive and with this support we can finance part of the flight costs.

This is help that goes directly to the sick children and helps us specifically with flight planning.

Your team from Flying Hope e.V.

04.12.2022 Abflug Felix Essen Pilot Arlt

Donations instead of gifts - a good idea!

As one example of many, we would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Mr. Julian Kehrle. On the occasion of his 35th birthday there were no gifts, but donations totaling €1,500 for Flying Hope e.V.

This is support that goes directly to the children affected and makes further flights possible.

Thank you very much for this outstanding commitment.

Geburtstag Hr Kehrle

Check-in Podcast with Dr. Michael Offerman

Check-in podcast about Hamburg Airport. Berndt Röttger, deputy. Abendblatt editor talks to interesting people who make us stand out. This time with Dr. Michael Offermann, Chairman of the Board of Flying Hope e.V.

Check in Podcast Foto

Simulator room setup

I would also like to say a big thank you to the board of directors for a job that they never actually have: cleaning, sweeping, cleaning, setting up shelves and putting them away.

With the success that the simulator room at Essen Mülheim Airport is now finished and looks really good.

Foto Raum Flugsimulator