Anyone flying with us must be able to enter and exit a small aircraft independently with minimal assistance. Depending on the type of aircraft, boarding is possible via a stairway or also via the wing. Smaller children can be carried into the aircraft by their parents. The children must then be able to sit strapped into an airplane seat similar to a car; a child car seat can be brought along for stabilization. The attendant then sits next to the child and can care for the child at any time during the flight.

If medical equipment such as oxygen, feeding pump, monitor, etc. must be taken along, it is necessary to coordinate the size and weight in advance with the office. Wheelchairs are somewhat more difficult to take along; here, too, size and weight are decisive factors. Often one of the parents travels in parallel by car with the large luggage, so that we can only fly the sick child in company.

We have often had the experience that the children are calm and relaxed during the flights. Many children also sleep through the flight and thus arrive rested at their destination. If there is enough space on board, we are also happy to take siblings on our flights. For older siblings, it is possible, on a case-by-case basis, to take a seat in the cockpit next to the pilot. This is always a great pleasure and a great experience for all!

However, our aircraft are not equipped for medical emergencies or prone transport, so our passengers must be in appropriate physical condition.

Before each flight, we require a medical certificate stating that your child is fit to fly!

Please understand that our capacity to assist those in need is limited. If you contact us and meet our requirement profile, we will do our utmost to support you. However, there is no legal claim. We also have to reserve the right to reject an application without giving reasons.

Flying in small airplanes with qualified pilots is a very safe way of transportation, even if turbulences are felt more than in airliners. Our pilots work voluntarily, free of charge, invest their own money in fuel and machine and will make the flights only when weather permits. However, in order to exclude claims for damages, transportation can only take place if you sign a statement releasing the club and the pilot conducting the flight from liability before the flight begins.